Create Walls anywhere with Portable Room Dividers!

Portable Room Dividers create a quieter, and more visually focused areas for students and teachers alike. Whether it's to divide a classroom, change traffic flow or create an art display, Screenflex Dividers will provide you with lasting portable options.

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Benefits & Features


Visual Barrier

No gaps or openings! Our fabric covered panels are 3/4" thick and continuously hinge from top to bottom for complete visual privacy. Perfect for hosting multiple events.

36 Sizes

The perfect divider for your space! 36 height and length combinations, the option to link dividers together and our accordion design means a perfect fit every time!


Sound Absorbing

With 2 layers of sound absorbing insulation on both sides of our panels, you can expect up to a 65% reduction in sound. Great for privacy in meetings. Perfect for keeping bible study groups focused.



Is it okay to tack on our panels? Yes, by all means... thumb tacks, push pins, and staples will hold well with no damage to the panel or the fabric covering! You can even use Velcro!

38 Colors

We have color choices to match any decor. Do you want room dividers that blend in, stand out, or compliment your room's existing decor? Our full range of color choices is sure to please!


Responsible and Practical

Being kind to our planet is something we take seriously. Our dividers are made of 76% recycled materials! And, our dividers are American made in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

Stores Folded, Sets Up Easily!

Room Dividers Closed and Opening
Easily Rolled by Just One Person
Proprietary self-leveling, Non-marking rubber wheel, ball-bearing casters make moving your dividers a breeze! The storage latch locks closed panels tightly together, and our low end frame design with grab bar makes handling easy with no obstructed view while moving the divider.
Sound Absorbing Privacy
With up to a 65% reduction in sound (depending on dividers height and configuration) you can expect a quieter, more private space. The combination of visual privacy and reduced noise is ideal for teaching, studying or worship environments!
Doubles as an Art Display
Pinning and tacking to our panels is often suggested! Pin up notices, motivational posters, class assignments, or anything you desire. Use the whole divider as an art display! Use our optional Art Hanger for framed art, and you'll have an art gallery with style!
Strength You Can Trust
When it comes to stability, Screenflex is a name you can trust. Our End Frames are built with a welded tubular steel design that keeps most of the dividers weight low to the ground. This unique feature makes our dividers recommended for use around children and means you can feel safe knowing that you are using a secure product. Learn why we are better than Versare
Unmatched Quality for Years of Dependable Service
We don't mind tooting our own horn here! Screenflex dividers have been used in churches, schools, and corporate settings for over 25 years. The dependable quality built into every partition can be seen in facilities everywhere. If you'd like to know who's using Screenflex in your area, please contact us and we will provide you with a list of happy customers. Learn why we are better than Versare
3 Year Warranty
Screenflex products are built to last. However, we want our customers to feel secure in knowing that if you do experience an issue, our customer service department is only a phone call away. Call to talk to a live person during normal business hours (M-F, 8:00 to 5:00 CST) and we'll do our best to make it right. Learn why we are better than Versare

36 Sizes Available

No matter the space requirements, fitting yours in is our specialty. By bending at the hinges, connecting multiple units and clever configurations, the possibilities are endless.
36 Screenflex Sizes Available

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38 Fabric and Vinyl Colors

Whether you wish to match, contrast or compliment your decor, Screenflex has a color for you.
36 Screenflex Sizes Available

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You may be wondering why are prices are not shown online... Screenflex room dividers are made in many sizes, colors, and model variations. We would be happy to mail or email you a price guide. Just click on the GET PRICES button. However, we suggest you to call and chat with one of our expert consultants to ensure that you get the exact product you need for your unique situation. We want to help you get the correct product so you'll be happy and you won't overpay.

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Because we know your Room Divider situation is unique, we make many models in many sizes and colors, for just this reason.
To save on cost and to ensure that you get the exact product(s) for your needs; Pick up the phone and call us at 844-216-1800, email us at [email protected], or on Live Chat at Our non-commission room divider consultants will get you an answer and a price ASAP.

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Q: Why must I contact you to see your pricing? A: We would be more than happy to mail or email our prices to you, but because of the unique nature of your room divider situation, we strongly suggest contacting us about your needs. Let us know what you wish to accomplish in the "message" section and we can help you to price out the products you would need for a perfect fit.


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